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Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group)

setting the industry standard in providing the highest level of qualified and competent professionals

Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) is a privately owned independent NDT and inspection company founded in 2000 in Iran. Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) is active in a wide range of industrial nondestructive and inspection projects.

Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) is a leading recognized NDT companies in the Middle East with high reputation in: Excellence in safety, Excellence in Service Quality, Consistent & reasonable service Value, Total customer satisfaction. Over 18 years PAA has grown to become a premier engineering & Inspection and NDT company with excellent performance record. Utilizing state of the art technology, the Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) team is recognized as the solutions partner of choice.

Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group)p is committed to our clients and consistently demonstrates continuous improvement in every aspect of our service delivery. From implementation of best practice to exploring new and innovative solutions, our clients can depend on our commitment to safety, quality and value-added support within project schedule and budget.

At Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group), our primary objective is to provide our clients with the full confidence that their quality needs are being assured by the very best in the business. Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) professionals consistently deliver service excellence with integrity, dedication and expertise. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail, the professionalism, the prompt delivery of NDT results, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will get thorough concise reports, developed by NDT inspection technicians who have extensive “Non-Destructive Testing” training and use the latest NDT technology.

We are dedicated to research and development and innovation to guarantee maximum efficiency quality in our field.

E-mail us at info@paagroup.com or Call us at +98(21)42251

Our Work Process

  • Certificates of Competence

    The high standard of our services is maintained through a system of regular internal and external auditing by National and International Accreditation Services. We are Certified. We are Qualified.

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  • Wealth of experience

    We provide tests, inspections and support through every stage of the equipment lifecycle. We carry out tests, conduct audits and prepare detailed reports on whether an item meets the design specification prior to being put into service.

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  • An Engine for Growth

    Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) has been the proud sole private sponsor of a series of scientific conferences in Iran Covering NDT and Inspection related issues, showcasing the latest developments in this field.

  • Strength in numbers

    Parto Azmoon Azar (PAA Group) is a privately held business who seeks opportunities to collaborate and work with other companies whose focus is to innovate their businesses. PAA 's growth has been driven by partnering with our customers to improve our mutual businesses, markets and industries.

Our Clients